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I’m Dylan Valev, and I make games and interactive installations that bridge the physical and digital realms


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Pigeon Simulator

A physics sandbox comedy game starring the infamous avian menace.

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Sliptime Sleuth

Play as a P.I. with a twist in this award-winning time traveling puzzle game. Utilize your handy gadget to take on a variety of contract work, slipping through time in order to earn an honest buck.

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Trials of Midnight

In this board-based deck builder roguelike, take on the role of Midnight, a lost nightmare trying to escape a child's dream world. With nightmare minions at your disposal, battle your way through legions of dream protectors!


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Ephemera Eternal

WaveForms: July 13th, 2023

A multimedia art occurrence in Boston's Museum of Science that curated 21 works of experimental animation and video for the Mugar Omni Theater. Featured as part of the museum’s Electronic Dimensions program.

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Eye Witness

Noir: November 16th, 2023

Enter a dreamlike world full of mystery and cynicism that employs a diverse range of mediums and techniques to heighten interactivity.

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