Sliptime Sleuth

Role: Lead Designer & Gameplay Engineer

In Sliptime Sleuth, the player travels through time with a slider that teleports them between various points in history. I designed puzzles where your actions in the past change the future, and clues found in the present help uncover the mysteries of the past. In addition to designing and documenting these temporal puzzles, I programmed the modular systems used for implementing levels, along with the writable notebook and inventory systems.

Throughout its two year development, Sliptime Sleuth was exhibited at multiple events in the Greater Boston Area, including PAX East and MassDiGi's Game Challenge, where it won the grand prize in 2019.

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Miro


Puzzle Design

Designed and implemented puzzles incorporating the past, present, and future. Revolving around a slider that travels through time when dragged, solutions used items and clues found throughout a level's timeline as the player's past actions affected the present and future.

Gameplay & Backend Programming

Level implementation utilized a scriptable object workflow to keep puzzle-making designer friendly, and our managers employed a singleton design pattern in order to ensure the inventory, player-written notebook, and puzzle progress worked smoothly.

Documentation & Production

In order to maintain the complexity of puzzles surrounding the interaction of time, I maintained documentation of our puzzle beats and ideation phases. Furthermore, I led our team's daily scrum meetings as we transitioned into a remote work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that we met our goals on time and no team was blocked on their tasks.

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