Trials of Midnight

Role: Lead Game Developer & Producer

Trials of Midnight is a mobile deck builder roguelike developed in four months from pitch to release with a hybrid team. During its development I managed a team of six using an Agile workflow, built out the game's core systems, and created tools to expedite the art pipeline using Unity's Shader Graph.

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Plastic SCM
  • Shader Graph
  • Miro


Core Gameplay Loop

I coded the Battle System, Entities, & Loot Phase deckbuilding that takes place on a 3x3 board. Within each tile, the player could either summon or battle an Entity, using their health as both a currency and life source. After each level was complete, the player would have the option to choose a new minion to spawn in the randomized pool of the next level.

Optimized & Shipped for Mobile

The game was built for both iOS and Android, requiring optimized code centered around scriptable objects and a scalable UI that would work on any mobile device. To achieve this, we tested our custom scaling scripts using Unity's Device Simulator.

Expedited Art Pipeline

Utilizing Unity's Shader Graph, I created a shader that automated the sprite sheet setup and got our characters animating. In doing so, time spent implementing assets was reduced, and post processing could be easily added on top of the animations to better telegraph game states.

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