Eye Witness

The anonymous observer leaves us uneasy when peering not only into our physical space but also our internal beliefs and intentions. As its silent gaze tracks our every step, the awareness of this cloaked figure forces us to reflect on the consequences of our actions in a morally ambiguous world.

Role: Designer & Developer

Eye Witness was made for an exhibit themed after the genre of Noir. This interactive sculpture uses the Kinect SDK in Unity to track the presence of people and their movement, causing the eye to follow them around.

Tools Used

  • Unity
  • Shader Graph
  • Kinect SDK


Eye Tracking

Utilizing the Kinect SDK's depth tracking features, I tapped into the depth data to drive the UVs of an eye shader made in Unity's Shader Graph. Due to the unknown dimensions of the installation space, I created a flexible debugging mode for setup calibration that toggles the rendered depth data and the capability to adjust its detection range.

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